Do we know when we are old?.

Posted: May 26, 2008 in A thought for a day


The other day my mother received a phone call about her sister who is moving into care. To me, I could see it coming as she has no family of her own and age has finally caught up with her. My father thought nothing of it either.

However, I could see it had an effect on my mother. For some reason I got up and gave her a hug and then she broke down and cried. Some times language we speak is not capable of explaining our thoughts. When I hug her, I for some reason understood why she was so upset.

In life, there are many steps we take. We move from a child to a teenager then a groan up. Then middle age hit us and finally old age. Each of these steps just happen and we in most cases are not award of moving from one to the other.

Then all a sudden we wake up one day to discover there is no way back. It’s a very scary feeling when life touches you on the shoulder one day and you know your time has come.




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