Mick, He calls himself.

Posted: March 14, 2009 in News and politics

Well I’ve just finished a book on Michael O’Leary of Ryanair. And before I get into what I have to say on this book, The spell checker underlines Ryanair. Dose it know something I do not know. Well, it pick the right company to underline as I think we will be hearing a lot more in the future about Ryanair. One of my many favoured lines in the book is when asked ‘Do you carry rich people on our flights? He reply, Yes, I flew on one this morning and I’m very rich’.  When ask about emissions from planes he reply back in a flash, ‘Emissions is a load of bollocks, talked up by all these sandal-wearing Greens and others head bangers, most of whom fly on Ryanair when they go to protest at G8 meetings’. At times he can annoyed you commenting on things he knows nothing about. But we all love a clown and one that run a company, sure what could you want more. Who needs a TV when you can get all the laugh’s you want from a book called, The Little Book Of Mick, by Paul Kilduff.

It give a very good picture of the Ireland I live in and the character we have here. Keep it up Michael, we need you.




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