Death comes knocking on my door.

Posted: August 12, 2010 in A thought for a day, Advance Prostate Cancer

They said, test we need and along I went. Stripped to my shirt sitting on my chair. They said, Walk across to the scan and Lie down their. They slop on gel to my tummy it went, followed by a cold scanning device. They said, lift up your legs, and up it went, a tube and die to show on scan. Put down your legs, again I did. My penis was grabbed, a needle went in with tube and die till pain was felt. Up I got and out it ran, down my legs in front of all. Walked to my chair naked I was, to clean it all in front of all. Raped I was not, but hurt I was the Hell he has put me through. Bit by bit what once was mine, he takes from me. He leaves his mark no matter what. I’ve lost my world, private and all, touch and prod at will by all. I cry from within, take me out of the Hell I am in.





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