And the day begins.

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Advance Prostate Cancer


Well, The Radiation Treatment started on Wednesday 28 July and on Tuesday, the Taxman sends me on a bill going back five years. I have less than fourteen days to check this so call bill out and I will be in hospital from early Monday to Friday until the middle of September. I am like everyone out there. I can think of better things to do with my life than holding onto boring tax letters. I am sure I do not owe this, but I have more things on my mind now. What really annoyed me more is that they have all the time in there to check out a Busman’s wages going back five years. I would think they would get better returns on going after the bankers that have destroy this country. But then, the Irish revenue never had a high IQ. They were wrong on four occasions when predicting revenue for this state. And, we are talking two billion out. They were to busy chasing the small fry. Unlike big fat cats bankers who have the power to force a government to hand over all our pension and health insurance money to save them. What fools we have for Government and a Civil service that would makes Duffy Circus a sideshow. Anyway, I paid up until next year when I will clam it back again once I get the time to do this. At this moment, my life is more important that fighting with them.

Nevertheless, it goes to show what life is like when the last thing I want going into hospital is this.

The Cancer Care West lodge is outstanding. It is all paid for, by half-voluntary subscriptions, and the other half by my insurance tax I pay on my salary. The staff there are outstanding as is the facility’s. Mixing with people like me helps a lot. It is not from a textbook that they know what you are going thought. My room was better than a four star hotel with all the things you have at home. Broadband is also there and unlike hotels, it is free. This all helps and as I go into this treatment, I will need it more and more. You can also have another person there with you, if it helps. There is no charge for this. So next times you see a person collection for cancer on the street, make sure you put a few bob into the box. This is where it goes.



  1. Daniel says:

    I will be sure to donate when I see them.

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