Veinlite, A wonder device.

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Advance Prostate Cancer


27th August.

Friday is the best day of the week and on arriving home, the Parcel Company UPS, had arrived at the same time with my free vein-light from the US. It was donated free of charge by a good person over there who is a pen friend. They have spent all the best part of their life-inventing instruments to help people with cancer. He also suffered from prostate cancer once, himself.

Again, this greedy Irish Government charge me €62.15 on a free device before I was allowed to have it. They Tax you to the end seem to be there motto. What happens to my pension I have paid all my life into when I am gone? At least some credits should be forward onto me now, as I will never see it. I have paid for it and it is my money, not there.

Well, getting back to what this veinlite does. Like all good devices, it came about by accident when a medical scientist was investigation the area of pigmented lesions and the equipment he was using kept on showing up veins. No matter how hard he tries, he could not solve this problem. Standing back one day from his work and an experience he had with his two-year-old son getting an injection in hospital made him think that this problem may not be a problem after all. There could be a market for a device that could help finds veins that are hard to get on some people. A lot of development followed and trying to change old ways and the rest is history. It goes to show that we need to respect Scientism more in this World that we do at present. They are my hero.


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