He has come for us again.

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Advance Prostate Cancer

Well, I will start this blog again with more bad news from the same brother eleven months ago who was detected with early prostate cancer. After having his prostate removed and passing his PSA blood test five months after, on the 2nd October 2010 the cancer has returned nine months later. I am trying not to think negative. However, the facts are, he had five times better chance than I did. It is horrible, having to go through life with this time bomb inside us.clip_image002

We just cannot plan any more. It has brought disarray into  my life and his. Where we once felt safe thinking of ours future we were building for, now we do not any more. Each test now determines how long our future will be. We both now have to make big changes in our lives. He will now have to go through the same radiation treatment that I had. Again, it should not be as severe. It is only local while mine has spread to my pelvis area. I hope it works out for him as he has a very young family. Life is a bitch at times. A return of cancer knocks the confidents out of a person. You now know life has put a stamp on you that says, mission complete.



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