Allan Sugar’s Autobiography is a very good read.

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Life, News and politics

Well, I have just finished, Alan Sugar, “What You See Is What You Get”, My Autobiography, a book of 609 pages. Normally a book of that size wound never be finished as 90% of them are just poly filler and a waist of time reading. However, this book I enjoyed ever single page. Everything you would want to know about business was in there and more.

I am not a football man, so you can say I am neutral on matters of that nature. However, I always thought where there is a lot of money there is dirt and the football industry is full of it. That’s going on what Mr Sugar went through. I also discovered one very interesting thing I never knew before. Mr Sugar, is despised by everyone who supports football, even my brothers and father had an opinion on him. I discovered this by surprised when discussion issues what I had read in this interesting book, I wanted to tell everyone about. No one wanted to hear about anything in it. It’s as if it was untouchable. He was only in it for the money. They would say. That was that, they did not want to hear about anything he had to say. I did not know this man. However, I was defending him and getting quite annoyed at how unfair people are towards him. At least listen to what the man has to say, then past judgment with facts as he has in written, not whispers and hear say.

Putting that aside, it is a story to read. I have no doubt he is not as easy going as he puts himself across in the book. I love the ways he goes about explaining when it comes to off loading a company, and in the process making a mint for himself. He then supports some charity or local project with a fraction of what he has made from the process. He then thinks that no one has a right to pass judgment on the huge amount of money he has just made. He forgets it was a team effort and he could not have done it on his own. His only input was the cash and the gift of delegation he has. It was the team effort of people he appointed from what was there in the first place that made this money, which he never seem to give enough acknowledgement to. He then moaned about anyone else who try to make a quick buck like he has done all his life. This man could sell sand to the Arab’s and make them feel they were lucky to get it. Never mind they had a land full of it. From the book he seems to filters all his critics out and thinks he (LORD Sugar), is allowed to make very large sums of money like this and everyone else is a chancer who tries the same.

However, to get to where he is now, in such a short time leaving a track record behind for everyone to check up on, is remarkable. He can show where it all came from, which a lot of the people in the same circle cannot do. I would recommend this book to read over the Christmas holidays. There is something in it for everyone. Behind it all, I wonder if he has any friends at all. I for one, would not like to be talked about in the way he has done about his business colleagues of past, it seems not right to me. Again he talks about loyalty. However it’s the Allan Sugar version. The World revolved around him and anything that interferes with his philosophy is not loyal, or is a prick or something like that colourful lingo he use’s a lot in this book. I also can see why people do not like him. A man is not an island to himself and one who is, is not liked. I for one liked him a lot. I could not stop thinking as I read this book what I was doing when I was that age. It’s only then, that you realise what a man he is and how far he has come. I only hope he finds happiness as I have a feeling it is in short supply in the life he lives.

Gerard 2010 July




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