Where now do we go.

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Advance Prostate Cancer, Motorcycle

Well today 14th March 2011 I got my blood count and my PSA reading has gone up and my white blood cell count has gone down very low. My brother was 1.6 not much higher than mine now and they send him in for 35 days of radiation treatment. I just finished 37 days of radiation treatment last September 2010. I know enough about this to know that the outlook has not change. It seems someone up there in a rush to take me. Going on all that has happen so far, you could not have wrought a book with all that has gone wrong. However, I am living it. Anyway who cares, that life. Getting back to life.

Well, where I am going he might as well have it.I call up to Dublin my favoured city in Ireland on Friday to see the Motorcycle show on Saturday 5th. There was a lot of lads from the North of Ireland there. Everyone there seem to be in there forty’s and over. A big difference from when I first went into Motorcycling at sixteen. I think if we do not get more younger lads into motorcycling the future is not good. Anyway, on entering the advent after paying 15 Euros the first person I met was Jim from Cork trying out the new BMW 6 cylinder and what a nice machine.

BMW 6 CylinderWe talk for a while and then I carried on taking in the show. There seem to be something missing. I did not feel the same feeling the last time I was at the show. The present machine I have today I bought after seeing it at the show back in 2004. However I did not come away feeling the same with this show. I did not see one machine that I would want. They all seem the same. I think all the magic in biking is beginning to die. We need more younger people running the advent instead of fat beer bell small men in there fifties all well pass putting there leg over a bike yet hanging on to the image.

RDS Motorcycle Show 2011I felt it was all money money and no passion there at all. Well when you complain like that, I think it is the start of the end with me and biking as it is today. Even the touring side of it, is all clinical now. I always liked touring at a pace that takes it all in. Most tours today is a race, to boast later how many country’s you visited in two weeks, that going on the touring company’s guides brochure I saw there. Who needs a guide to tell you what to do on your holiday. Surely a holiday motorcycle tour is to do it at your own pace and take it all in. With modern GPS and the internet it could not be any harder than it was in the past.

I did not see my dream touring bike there this year. However, there is hope next year. Something that is light, narrow with good suspension absorption, economical to run, simple to maintain with only one good saddle. Also plenty of space with build in luggage that is made from press steel and has central locking like my car. The big problem with biking is the time it takes loading up and un-loading. The only machine that comes near to that was not there. The burgman 650.

DMTC Motorcycle Run 2011I had a wonderful motorcycling trip last Sunday the 6th March. It was DMTC Sunday run. I was a bit nerves about going as the last run the lads were not as friendly. However, on this run everything was quite the opposed. You could not get a friendly lot of lads anywhere. The weather was not that good with lots of mud from all the tractors of Ireland that seem to be on every corner. Still with good company, you seem to overlook all that. At the end of the run in Drogheda I fuelled up for home back in Dublin. I decided on a quick snack in McDonnell’s which was beside the fuel station. The place was packed with family’s out for Sunday treat with there kids. I was looking for a place to eat and I heard someone shouting and waving his hand at me in the corner of my eye. It was one of the three lads sitting there and they had a seat for me. Well in that few minutes we talk about all the places, we had been and all the machines we had. I just got to know them there and then. After a while we all headed back to Dublin where I left the convoy and  went my separate way. I enjoy that day. Man, machine, and the weather did not matter when in good company.

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