Moral support is very important.

Posted: March 23, 2011 in A thought for a day

A man enters Heaven after a good life on earth. After a while, he meets God. They were talking for a long time about his past life and so on. He asks God why it was so hard for him and his family. In that, he lost his son. Why did you allow this to happen? We never had much, as in wealth and all the things it could buy.

God replied to him, you had wealth I sent to you, and you wasted it. The man replies, what wealth are you talking about?. God said, your son on many occasions approach you for moral support and you failed him. If you had stood by him, you would have had all that you desired. His time was up and I had better things for him to do here. You only get one chance. Does that answer your question?

Daniel's picture of Gerard Christmas 2009



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