A twinkling star, for him to see.

Posted: May 6, 2011 in A thought for a day

In the early day when I first had correspondence with Daniel, it was just as a friend I met on the internet. I enjoyed this allot, as we had many things in common in life despite our age difference. The more we got to know each other in time, the more I could sense that he was falling for me. I would come up with small verses like this on different occasions to show him, it could not be, because of our age difference. Well, It was a waste of time with Daniel. He somewhat knew before I did, that we were one. One of these verses to Daniel went as follows.

Well now, I leave you for another day, to look forward to what wonders you have for me to read. So pure, so honest, so clean, my heart wonders if only it could be. However, pain for you will follow. For life will be short for me and long for you. My soul would wonder between worlds, not at rest unable to help and hell it would be, for the two to never see. For love is there, but not to see, nor to touch. Nothing but memories and paid for you for what once was there, to be burden so young with such a lost. Life is young for you, with wonders and joy to share. Do not lose heart, your love awaits, for your pure, honest and clean, a twinkling star, for him to see.



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