Be careful what you desire.

Posted: August 6, 2012 in A thought for a day


Dublin is one of the oldest cities in Europe. A city that has many a story to tell and one such story was from the old section of the city. Here, many communities had passed through and now it was the turn of the Asian community. Slowly overtime, as the community enlarged, so too did the loan shark, a Mr. Wing who preferred to be known as Lee. Each day, as he attended his business, he would pass by this fine, elegant old house and he took a fancy to this property, which was right in the centre of China town.

He decided now was the time to make his move. This property remained in the hands of an elderly wealthy lady who kept to herself and on occasions behind a drape lace curtain, one could make out that she was there. However, this was a special day for Mr. Wing, it was the Chinese New Year, and he thought to himself, “What a beautiful place to own right in the middle of my town.”

He decided there and then to call to the house and see if he could set in motion this dream he had. On finally reaching this large, solid door at the end of a twisting, peddle walkway with well-placed foliage either side, he noticed that to one side of the entrance there was an old-style pulling cord and on activating it, he could hear a bell tingle inside. A short time later an elder lady dressed in black in a style of another era, answered the door. He told her that he was interested in purchasing her house and spoke frankly and straight to the point.

She did not invite him in and to Lee’s surprise, she answered to him very clearly and directly in his own tongue, stating that the house was not for sale. Lee was streetwise, he knew whoever she was, he had better leave her be. He thought to himself on leaving, “She is old, and in time, it will be mine.” Each year like clockwork on the Chinese New Year, he would call in and the answer would always be the same.

Twenty years had now passed and yet she still would not sell. He decided he did not have the time anymore to waste and this time he did not wait for the New Year to approach her with his final demand. Without telling anyone he decided to confront her and this time he was not going to be treated like a beggar on a doorstep, he would enter the house and discuss the details inside with her.

When she opened the door, he rushed past her, and when he turned around, she seemed to have vanished from where she was. He walked towards what looked like the entrance to the kitchen, and on passed a large mirror mounted on the wall to one side of the hall, there she was. When he turned around, there was no sign of her. Yet there she was in front of the mirror again, he stretched out his hand to make contact with her and to his horror, her hands went before him. He then discover he was not in the mirror, he was now her and never again will he leave this house, he so desired.




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