Life is fluid with me.

Posted: July 24, 2013 in A thought for a day, Advance Prostate Cancer, Life

Jamal Assoued PictureWell as I said early on, life is fluid with me. I have moved on to a different doctor and town. I now have my own home with my own front door. I will choose who enter and who will not. Unfortunately two years is all I have and my quality of life will deteriorate very fast I am told. What a future to look forward to. I have enough resources of my own since getting rid of everything I once had, plus the help of my family to last that stretch of two years and after that, I will be penniless, however, that one good thing about knowing your time. I have decided not to go down the road of social assistance, as once in their hands they think they own you. Too many forms, to many conditions. I have medical care under my PRSI I pay all my life and that helps; fortunately, I still have to pay for drugs that are not covered and yet are critical for my treatment.

I hate civil servant with a passion, since when did they become medical GP. I am not working and yet I have to find the resources out of my little money I now have. Fraud is the only word I have for this state behaviour with health insurance cover PRSI we all paid for. Since I have been brought into the health system I have discovered how the wealthy few medical people who charge so much rob sick people. I have also discovered how cold and reserved they can be. The nurses seem to be the good side of it all and it is them that give the other side the respectability they do not deserve.

Consultants differ and the sick person pays. One consultant who diagnosed me back in 2010; said I need triple radiation, a second said no, only radiation. A third said the first prognosis was right. I knew all along that these three consultants were all wrong; because I pay privately to have a consultation with the top consultant in Ireland on prostate cancer back in 2010. His prognoses at that time shocked me; I had a 15% chance of getting past five years with what was available in treatment for prostate cancer.

It looks like the fourth consultation was right all along. The difference in the Mr 4, I paid for him. Without money, the medical profession are prepared to let you die and all the bullshit they come out with caring for the sick is just that, bullshit. Look at the cost of healthcare in Ireland and compare it to Spain. They are a greedy lot living of sick people and draining them of their little resources that they have. What a filthy way to make money.

I also must thank the Irish Cancer Society for their help to me. Unlike the state and all it paperwork they are a force of action and how things should be for people who have terminal cancer. This state owes me a pension I paid into and will not benefit from. Who is robbing whom?

Gerard Mac Sharry.

24th July 2013.


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