Things seem to have change for now.

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Advance Prostate Cancer, Life

Gerards PictureThis is the 1st September 2013. and I look forward to the end of this year. What a year it has been so far, mostly bad; however, it looks like there might be hope towards the end of this year.

Shortly after my mother passed away; I said to my father that this is a real test for the story that there is an afterlife, because my mother would do what she could for us while alive and it would be the same when on the other side, if it is true. My faith has died a long time ago, so I was cynical when I said that to my father.

Well shortly after that while calling to hospital things started to happen. On one of these visits on the 19th August 2013  I asked the consultant team for Cormac Small to let me know what my PSA reading was, as I had not had an update since my treatment on the 22nd June 2013 which was 7.3. He seem a bit taken back by what he saw on the screen. First, he thought there might have been a fault in the readings as it looked like my PSA was going down, 2.3 to 2.1  in three weeks which it should not be doing as I am not on any hormone treatment. As things stand at this moment, the only treatment I am having is, “Zoledronic Acid” once a month which reclaims the calcium from my blood that the cancer has taken. There no reason why my PSA is dropping, if anything it should have risen to 10 to 15 as I have bone cancer. He said we will wait until your next blood test in September and see how it goes.

I had another appointment on the 22nd August 2013 the same week with consultant  Paul Donnellan team to talk about my chemotherapy. This appointment was very upbeat and the consultant said she does not understand what is happening as I am not on any steroid injection. It would appear that my PSA is dropping for some reason and whatever I am doing, keep on doing it. She cancel all the drug treatment I was to go under for the chemotherapy until my next appointment, as she did not want to interfere with what was happening. She seem excited about what was going on within me and I left feeling good; however reserved, as I have been through hell with this cancer and do not trust it.

I will wait a bit longer before thinking that life just might be giving me a second chance. My family seem reserved; however, Daniel my partner was over the moon and told me I told you all along that we will beat this. I am looking forward to having him here for the whole year and beyond when he get his second course in accountancy.

If I have got through this cancer and time will tell, I know who to thank for this, it’s my mother. Nothing happened until she passed away; what more does a person need than that as proof that there is an afterlife, in a way, I am relieved to know that we live on and this life is only a start.

Gerard Mac Sharry.

1st September 2013.


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