Hope is all I live on now.

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Advance Prostate Cancer
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Hope is all I live on now because there not much that can be done with spinal cancer other than pain releafe. Michael Schumacher and I have crossed paths before. The last time that happened I was out of work for three and a half months with a broken leg from a motor cycle accenden cause by oil on the road. Michael while worse off; after one of his racing accenden, seemed to recovered quicker and I think won another event. I on the other hand, I seem to start on life decline to where I am today; fortune and health wise.
Our fortunes seem to have cross roads again. It’s a world where God and know middle man are involved. I pray Michael you pull through this one, our world’s are far apart, however; we both want to be part of this world and the wouldetful family we have around us. My results come out today, and on my behalf, I ask God for his kindness and help. Give us hope and the rest we can do ourselves.

10th January 2014.


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