Conditions of use of web content

Conditions of use of my web content. In this open format as a web site like this one, it is very hard to police my content. I will ask you in good faith that whatever content you use from this article, that you mention the author’s name, which is, Gerard. along with the email address In addition, that you do not alter the contents in anyway whatsoever.

This is the views of Gerard only. My apology to anyone who feel offended and will be happy to change anything that is not to the way they would like it without going from the truth of the even as reported. Spellings and dates sometimes need to be update in time when discover and is an on-going event, as I am self-thought on almost everything I put my hand to. I am still learning as I go along. That’s the spark in life that keeps, I think everyone alive. Enjoy the content and again, let me know if you are not happy in a nice pleasant way. I always respond in the same way.





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