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I was asked to give a short line about who I am on my Windows Live Web page. That a hard one trying to describe myself in such a limited amount of words, anyway here goes, I never cheated on anything in my life and try my best to go by the rules. Was it worth it; I think in the end it was, despite now when my cancer has return into my spine. I wonder at times why life is like  this, then at my age I have done well and we were never promise tomorrow, just today and that the way we should live. I am not afraid any more to be open, so if you want to know more about me feel free to ask. When your time comes, you do not care anymore what people think of you. All you want is that people knew who you were and I am the one to ask on that. Enjoy life.


Gerard Mac Sharry.

30th July 2013.


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The other week I had decided to make a move and was dwelling over how to go about it. Life again has made the decision for me; I notice that about it, every time I pick myself up it springs another obstacle in my way. This time my PSA has jump tenfold. I now have to go into hospital again and the future now looks in one direction. At moments like this I feel so alone and I think that how it is for everyone heading towards the final day, I need to be brave and except the decision of life. It looks like the three wise men who said two to five years knew better than I. I look and feel so good it is hard to believe what is coming my way. I am tired of this fight and after this last try, I am leaving it to life, after treatment I am so sick I think it is better just to go.

The time is never right the place we never known, I dwell on the good times and hope they carry me into the unknown, for I need to be brave and not afraid.



When times are, bad you tend to let your guard down and speak your mind. After all, I was told I had a 15% chance of getting past five years by one expert and two to four years by another, so I said to myself; what difference does it makes now, it is all coming to an end. As time goes by life has given me more time than I thought I would have. My life still revolves around a list from my blood test PSA that will decide my future; as I was told, there is no cure for advance cancer. The time that was stated is coming up very fast and I wonder should I make a move to jump the results and try starting my life up again or carrying on as I am. It is hard to know which way to go. As I am, I am moving along fine medical wise; however, the waiting game is killing me inside. I now wonder do I have it inside me to be able to return to the working world I left in 2010. All I had material wise is ending and yet I live. What now can I do and how do I go about it are the thoughts that I carry around with me. © Gerard’s Web Pictures

Photography is a field I have always been interested in and I have all the professional gear that one’s needs. Decisions need to be made that might have big consequence for me life wise; however; the mind is willing. It is the fear of the unknowing that hold me back; you have to go to the mountain, as it will not come to you, I keep on telling myself. Think positives and tackle a complicated task bit by bit. Try each day and I am sure in time life will decide if I am worth it or not. That one thing that has come forward on this experience I am going through, you do not control your future.



Gerard & Jessie.All My World around me is falling down; I know not what to do. A thought comes into my mind that saves the day. Another day has passed away. Life once had structure and form, now it dissolved into a haze. I ask of myself, which way I go. I know not the way, for there nothing to see, yet my mind is full of hope and joy that will wash away this haze of doom and once again, a sparkle of light, will rule the day.




Dublin is one of the oldest cities in Europe. A city that has many a story to tell and one such story was from the old section of the city. Here, many communities had passed through and now it was the turn of the Asian community. Slowly overtime, as the community enlarged, so too did the loan shark, a Mr. Wing who preferred to be known as Lee. Each day, as he attended his business, he would pass by this fine, elegant old house and he took a fancy to this property, which was right in the centre of China town.

He decided now was the time to make his move. This property remained in the hands of an elderly wealthy lady who kept to herself and on occasions behind a drape lace curtain, one could make out that she was there. However, this was a special day for Mr. Wing, it was the Chinese New Year, and he thought to himself, “What a beautiful place to own right in the middle of my town.”

He decided there and then to call to the house and see if he could set in motion this dream he had. On finally reaching this large, solid door at the end of a twisting, peddle walkway with well-placed foliage either side, he noticed that to one side of the entrance there was an old-style pulling cord and on activating it, he could hear a bell tingle inside. A short time later an elder lady dressed in black in a style of another era, answered the door. He told her that he was interested in purchasing her house and spoke frankly and straight to the point.

She did not invite him in and to Lee’s surprise, she answered to him very clearly and directly in his own tongue, stating that the house was not for sale. Lee was streetwise, he knew whoever she was, he had better leave her be. He thought to himself on leaving, “She is old, and in time, it will be mine.” Each year like clockwork on the Chinese New Year, he would call in and the answer would always be the same.

Twenty years had now passed and yet she still would not sell. He decided he did not have the time anymore to waste and this time he did not wait for the New Year to approach her with his final demand. Without telling anyone he decided to confront her and this time he was not going to be treated like a beggar on a doorstep, he would enter the house and discuss the details inside with her.

When she opened the door, he rushed past her, and when he turned around, she seemed to have vanished from where she was. He walked towards what looked like the entrance to the kitchen, and on passed a large mirror mounted on the wall to one side of the hall, there she was. When he turned around, there was no sign of her. Yet there she was in front of the mirror again, he stretched out his hand to make contact with her and to his horror, her hands went before him. He then discover he was not in the mirror, he was now her and never again will he leave this house, he so desired.




He has gone and so alone, I feel. My thoughts are in another World far removed from here. Wonder I do, what hold me here, no love, no joy and yet I stay. Day by day, my hope dwindles away, if only I could find, away.



Once a pond a time, there was a small servant boy, who wanted to please his master. He supplied him with the means to communicate and the ability to go anywhere, as he was a very fit and a healthy servant. However, his master was not happy with this, matter-of-fact, he spend most of his time putting him down and saying if only I had a better looking servant I could do all the things I want to do better.

All the other masters of servants could see how he treated this loyal servant and that affected the way they related to him, which affected the servant. However, no one could do anything for this poor servant, as the master owns him for life. The two were one and that the way it was.

In time the servant, lost hope and despair set in. He became everything the master criticised him about, in time illness settle in, and he passed away. The master was so arrogant that he forgot, without the servant, he was no more.

The moral of the story is, treat your servant well and you will receive back a thousand times what you do, as everyone will see this and they will all want to belong to that master who has so much respect for his servant. Everyone likes a good person.

Who is the master you might ask?

Answer. Our body’s serves us, we are its Master.

He looks my way.

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To the deep I go, until the light begins to fade. I call out, and all I here is the echo of my voice. Is there anyone there? A cold feeling comes over me. I am on my own. I panic and think; I have more to offer life than end it now. O please let it not be now. To the deep I am pulled, silence and dark it is all round, my echo is no more.  My end has come and all that you see before you, is my temple I once shared, for no more will I be. For I have long gone to where, no one knows.


In the early day when I first had correspondence with Daniel, it was just as a friend I met on the internet. I enjoyed this allot, as we had many things in common in life despite our age difference. The more we got to know each other in time, the more I could sense that he was falling for me. I would come up with small verses like this on different occasions to show him, it could not be, because of our age difference. Well, It was a waste of time with Daniel. He somewhat knew before I did, that we were one. One of these verses to Daniel went as follows.

Well now, I leave you for another day, to look forward to what wonders you have for me to read. So pure, so honest, so clean, my heart wonders if only it could be. However, pain for you will follow. For life will be short for me and long for you. My soul would wonder between worlds, not at rest unable to help and hell it would be, for the two to never see. For love is there, but not to see, nor to touch. Nothing but memories and paid for you for what once was there, to be burden so young with such a lost. Life is young for you, with wonders and joy to share. Do not lose heart, your love awaits, for your pure, honest and clean, a twinkling star, for him to see.


Young and innocent.

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When I was young. Gerard.

As I look at my pictures of passed. Little then did I know what my future will be. Young I was with no fear of life. All was new and people of status I trust. How fast life has pass unknown to me, when years seem fixed and slow, till one day I awake so far behind, that fear awaken within. Wonder I do, is this the time, that one must go.


Here I sit and wonder I do, if the day will ever come that my love and me, can be one. Why is life so harsh, no help, no pity, no heart. Love is the same for all. It hurts when belittle and bullied we feel, when Love is kept apart.

Gerard 2005.11.21


P.S. To deny a person their love is wicked and evil and one day that person will have to answer for that to God for what they did.

SunsetI want to live so much so, that in silence and sadness I wept so. The thought of what is to come, why I ask, come my way, what once was perfect with love and hope to end in an unspeakable way. Death fade the person who I am, like dust in the wind, and all in time will have forgotten, a picture a thought a distant cloud, a magic sprinkling of dust, that fades away, when death has its day,