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It’s at 5 am in my hospital bed at Galway Cancer University Hospital and my big day spinal operation is on Christmas Eve. I now have cancer in my spin and five of my vertebra have been effected which has interfered with my walk causing a lot of pain. I am tide to my bed until this procedure is carried out to take out some of the cancer bone that is placing to much pressure on my internal spine fluid causing my walk problem. Daniel my partner is beside me for the hours the hospital time we have. There always a problem coming our way. everything is closing down for Christmas and Daniel has no place to stay for those few days Turing and after my spinal operation. Money as always is the problem.He cannot manage my car or drive on this side of the road with it’s stick shift gearbox, so he cannot make use of of our home outside Galway. It is to far out anyway. It’s moments like this you wish you live in the city where there a proper public transport system. It would be nice to wake up after an operation knowing my partner of five years (another long going story I filed under immigration) was there; however the time of year look like spoiling all that. We have to work around bus timetables that are still running and the extra expense of B&B/Hotel when they are open and not to far when walking from the hospital has not got any easier and my operation, whole good in that it should return my walking, it does have very bad side effects. The cancer has a chance to carry on while all this is healing to do what it’s out to do; have it free, as I need to heal before chemotherapy starts. All I can hope for now is a miracle. There just to much to go wrong and with the way things have been for us I think it is to much to expect. If it does work out it will stable my back for what is to come. Chemotherapy seems the next step local first and when better all over to counter the free time the cancer had while I was recovering. it’s been a very hard ordeal for the two of us since 2009. This June 2013 Has seen it spread like fire. I only hope Daniel can find a place to carry him through this few days as I can do nothing. Moments like this you discover what entering the disable world is all about. You have lost your freedom.

20th December 2013