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Hope is all I live on now because there not much that can be done with spinal cancer other than pain releafe. Michael Schumacher and I have crossed paths before. The last time that happened I was out of work for three and a half months with a broken leg from a motor cycle accenden cause by oil on the road. Michael while worse off; after one of his racing accenden, seemed to recovered quicker and I think won another event. I on the other hand, I seem to start on life decline to where I am today; fortune and health wise.
Our fortunes seem to have cross roads again. It’s a world where God and know middle man are involved. I pray Michael you pull through this one, our world’s are far apart, however; we both want to be part of this world and the wouldetful family we have around us. My results come out today, and on my behalf, I ask God for his kindness and help. Give us hope and the rest we can do ourselves.

10th January 2014.


Well the doctor has just called into me to explain the procedure to me. The risks and the positive side also. I have a good insight to what is going on and what has to to be done. I start fasting at midnight  and the operation starts on Christmas Eve the night our saver came into this world. Time’s like this I think of all the good that came from that special advent and how it ended at that time; however, turned into the start of a faith that I am part off and neglected. Everyone can mend their ways while here and improve on the way they live and towards our fellow person and that is my gold if God spares me and guide me through this cancer. Happy Christmas to you all and a special thank to my Partner who has been beside me through all this hell life has imposed on us. May we all have a better time soon.


23rd January 2013.

Gerard Mac Sharry.2013

Gerard Mac Sharry in Galway University Hospitals. 22nd December 2013.